High-tech Enterprise Certificate of concrete batching plant


High-tech Enterprise Certificate of concrete batching plant

We are a factory of  produce concrete batching plant in China . We get a  certificate from govement for the High-tech Enterprise Certificate .

The concrete batching plant  is a combined device for concentrated mixing of concrete, also known 
as concrete prefabrication. Because of its high degree of mechanization and automation, it has high
productivity, and can guarantee the quality of concrete and save cement. It is often used in large 
and medium-sized water conservancy, electric power, bridges and other projects with large amount 
of concrete engineering, long construction period and concentrated construction sites. 
With the development of municipal construction, the mixing station using concentrated mixing 
and providing commercial concrete has great advantages, so it has been rapidly developed, and 
it has created conditions for the promotion of concrete pumping construction and the joint 
operation of mixing, conveying and pouring machinery.


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