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  • 500t/h Stabilized Soil batching plant
    500t/h Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant2

    Technical Advatages of Stabilized Soil Batching Plant   1.Excellent mixing performance The plant is equipment with a twin horizontal shaft mixer so that it is powerful in mixing capability ,excellent in mixing quality ,fast and high production rate . It could handle warious proportions of mixtures such as:dry hardness ,semi dry hardness,plastic and others.   2.Easy opration Use computer to contronl the whole plant either automatically or manually so that is easy to operate the plant . we use dyanmic display to show the situation of every component in operation and could store the data and print the reports.   3.Accurate weighting Computerized control system use all imported components for weighting and control aggerata,fly ash, cement and water. The sampling rate is above 120 times per second to guarantee the accuracy and the stable working performance.   4.Excellent maintenance: There are platform and ladders at every service and maintance ppsition with sufficient space to observe and operate. There are two sets of washing system:pump washing and manual washing ,and they could be in operation simultaneously . The floored design guarantees all the operations regardless of weather. Specification of Mobile Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant                                                                Main Technical Parameters  of Stabilized Soil Batching Plant                              

  • 240m3/h Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
    2×240m3/h Ready Mixed Concrete Batching Plant

     Ready Mixed Concrete Plant is our professional construction equipment for railways, highways, airports, docks, dams, etc.

  • HZS60 Concrete batch Plant
    HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant (80ton silo)

    HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant, 60m3/h capacity, 3 aggregate bins, 80ton cement silo

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

The Mobile Concrete Batching Plant is a concrete mixing equipment developed according to the actual needs of users who need frequent transitions, short construction period and long construction line. 

So it is the best choice for the project of multiple working sites with moderate concrete demand. Combining the function of a complete concrete batching plant with the flexibility of the mobile design, make it have the advantages of convenient transportation, flexible assembly and disassembly, and simple storage management,etc. The mobile concrete batching plant has become an unparalleled solution for every professional.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Why choose XDM mobile concrete batching plant?

XDM YHZS series Mobile Concrete Batching Plant concentrates the material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, discharging and automatic control system of the traditional concrete batching plant on one trailer unit, which is equipped with axle and tires and therefore it can be transported by a truck trailer. It provides the following advantages to its users:

High durability and low maintenance
Its robust construction allows extreme durability, safe transportation, cost-efficient and long-life operation. The reasonable design make it works with low wear and is easy to maintain. 
Quick and simple installation
Thanks to special design and using installation-friendly components, every parts of mobile batching plant can be quickly assembled and in use on-site.
Generally, the installation of a standard mobile concrete batching plant can be finished in just a few days.
Easy and cost-effective transportation
The complete set of machine can be quickly transported to the construction site by full-hanging form and assembled on site, and can be constructed without commissioning. 
Minimum foundation cost 
Due to the design focused on mobility, it can be installed on a confined space. Our mobile concrete batching plant require no or minimum foundation to minimize the operational costs on temporary sites.
Twin-shaft concrete mixer
Powerful continuous running capability, comprehensive mixing trajectory, strong mixing motion, rapid and uniform mixing.
Fully automatic computer control system 
The most reliable control mode: SIEMENS PLC + IPC. User-friendly interface, strong maneuverability, simple operation and high stability.
Good production performance
The compact and reasonable space layout, ensuring flexibility while ensuring production capacity.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant specification

Application of XDM mobile concrete batching plant

mobile concrete mixing plant

Main Technical Parameters of mobile concrete batching plant

Note: Above is standard configuration (for reference). We can modify according to your requirements.

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