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Mobile Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

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YWBS series mobile stabilized soil mixing plant  is installed all working devices onto a trailing chassis, i.e. features of “trail for transport, stop for operation and multi-function selection”. It specially applies for small and medium construction units which frequently change the working site. This device is widely used for mixing construction base course stability materials in high grade highway, urban road, airport and harbor. It is mainly used to mix cement stability soil, lime stability soil and cement treated subgrade materials. It can complete all functions for stabilized soil mixing on single trailing unit. It also can carry out the operations for many graded aggregates such as metering, mixing and lifting, enable the manual, automatic and computer-controlled production process as well as the mass production.

YWBS series mobile stabilized soil mixing plant can be used in any location due to small occupying area. It can quickly change from transport mode to operation mode or operation mode to hauling mode due to its convenient and quick assembly. The device can be drawn at 15km speed on normal road for short distance transfer.

Specification of Mobile Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant                                                               

Mobile Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

Layout Drawing of Mobile Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant                                                          

Main Technical Parameters of Mobile Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant                                 

Subject : Mobile Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

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