Precast concrete industry ushers in a critical period of development


Compared with the traditional on-site pouring construction method, with special preparation process and production process, precast concrete has the advantages of short construction cycle, low comprehensive labor cost, more energy conservation and environmental protection, saving construction materials, reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution.

It originated in Germany and started almost at the same time as reinforced concrete. After years of development, it has achieved the primary stage goal and task from scratch and from less to more in China. The next step of precast concrete industry will focus on solving the final stage goal of quality from poor to good, construction period from slow to fast, and cost from high to low. It can be said that it has ushered in a critical period of industry development.

At present, the number of precast concrete production enterprises in China is growing rapidly. According to incomplete statistics, In 2020, the new prefabrication plant nearly 200. Up to now, there are more than 1200 prefabrication factories with a scale of more than 30000 cubic meters, more than 2000 prefabrication factories have been built, and the designed precast concrete capacity has reached 50 ~ 60 million cubic meters, which has far exceeded the actual demand of the current precast concrete market by about 22 million cubic meters. However, the overall quality level of precast concrete building components in China is still low. There is still much room for improvement in the appearance quality, manufacturing accuracy and internal quality of precast components, which restricts the popularization and application of precast components.

Despite the grim situation, a number of leading enterprises still emerge in the industry. Over the years, these enterprises have provided assistance for the development of the industry while improving their competitive strength through their own efforts.


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