120m3/h Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant Exporting


The ready mix concrete batching plant is composed of mixing system, material supply system, measurement system, control system and external supporting equipment

1. Mixing system

According to the mixing method, the mixing system can be divided into forced mixing and self-falling stirring. At present, forced mixer is the mainstream, which can mix a variety of concrete such as fluidity, semi-rigidity and rigidity.The self-falling mixing machine is mainly used to mix the flowing concrete, which is seldom used in the batching plant at present. According to the structure, forced mixer is divided into Planetary mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer and double horizontal shaft mixer. Among them, the double horizontal shaft forced mixer has the best comprehensive performance.

2. Material supply system

The aggregate supply system consists of three parts.

Aggregate conveying: at present, there are two ways of conveying in the batching plant: hopper conveying and belt conveying.The advantages of hopper lifting are small area and simple structure.The advantages of belt transportation are long distance, high efficiency and low failure rate. Belt conveyor is mainly suitable for the batching plant has the waiting hopper for temporary storage of aggregate, so as to improve the productivity of batching plant.

Powder transport: cement, fly ash and mineral powder are the main available powder for concrete. At present, the commonly used powder conveying method is screw conveyor conveying. The advantages are simple structure, low cost and reliable use.

Liquid material transportation: mainly refers to water and liquid admixtures, which are respectively transported by water pumps.

3. Measurement system

The measuring system is the key component that affects the quality and production cost of concrete. It is mainly divided into three parts: aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing. In general, the batching plant below 20m3/h capacity adopts the accumulative weighing method, that is, the aggregate (sand, stone) use one weighing hopper, cement and fly ash with use one weighing hopper, Water and liquid admixtures are weighed separately and then the liquid admixtures are put into the water hopper to be mixed in advance. For the batching plant more than 50m3/h capacity, each material is weighed independently. All weighing is controlled by electronic scale and microcomputer, all weighing is controlled by electronic scale and computer. The weighing accuracy of aggregate is ≤2%, and that of cement, powder, water and admixture is ≤1%.

4. Control system

The control system of the batching plant is the central nerve of the whole equipment. The control system has different functions and configurations according to different user requirements and the size of the batching plant. Generally, the control system of the small batching plant that can be used on the construction site is simpler, while that of the large batching plant is more complex.

120m3/h Concrete Batching Plant


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